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Rapid development of IT industry and Internet, results in great changes in the world of music. Consequently, everyone who owns a PC and at least a bit of talent for music can make music. Steinberg, with his VST technology, made a real revolution in the field of music. Today, on Internet, there are many quality VST plug ins, both expensive and free ones (that are also high quality). On this site, you can find a lot of legal free VST plugins, audio recording software, music loops, free sounds. Submit your free stuff Information. Contact: vstplanet@yahoo.com


Virtual Studio Technology and its acronym VST refer to an interface standard for connecting audio synthesizer and effect plugins to audio editors and hard-disk recording systems. VST and similar technologies allow the replacement of traditional recording studio hardware with software counterparts. VST plug-ins are software modules that can take the form of real-time instruments or effects. Thousands of plugins exist, making VST the most widespread audio plugin architecture.





- NEWS -


Moselle Synthesizers releases Moselle free Modular Synth       24th June 2016

Moselle Synthesizers has released Moselle version alpha 5, free Modular synth for Windows.

Moselle is a software synthesizer that uses the "modular synthesis" paradigm for making music.

oselle is currently a pre-production release Alpha 5. It is available for free download from our website. It is currently Windows-only though a Mac version is planned. It does not yet run as a plug-in. Instead, it is a stand-alone development environment. Just plug in a MIDI keyboard, turn up your computer speakers, and patch away.

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Odin - free VST plugin synth for Windows                                 24th June 2016

Odin - free VST plugin synth for Windows by Frederik Siepe.

Odin is a 12 voice polyphonic semi-modular synthesizer, which is available as freeware.

If you like it, download it and have fun! :)

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Auburn Sounds releases Panagement FE (Free Edition)    23rd June 2016

Auburn Sounds has released Panagement FE (Free Edition), whole spatialization powerhouse that lets you control the stereo space from your armchair, with deceptively few knobs to turn:

PANAGEMENT is a whole spatialization powerhouse that lets you control the stereo space from your armchair, with deceptively few knobs to turn:

- The distance fader brings a track nearer or further,
- The panner positions that track binaurally from left to right,
- The mono-to-stereo enlarges a thin track or simulates early reflections,
- The tilt filter adjusts spectral balance between lows and highs,
- The phasescope control displays mono compatibility visually,
- Finally, a LFO allows to create periodic or even random moves.

Available in different versions:

- PANAGEMENT EE (Enterprise Edition) has all the features.
(Free Edition) only gets the distance and pan fader

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GyL Synths releases MiniBull free VST synth              21st June 2016

GyL Synths has released MiniBull, free VST subtractive synthesizer plugin for Windows (32 bit).

Main features:

- Minitaur inspired minimalistic design with many additional features
2 oscillators with 9 waveforms, PWM, FM and Ring modulations
Pythagorean ratios at semi-tone tuners
24 dB/oct lowpass, highpass and bandpass filter
LFO with 9 waveforms and 4 destinations
A, D/R, S envelopes for modulations and Amp
Bypassable effects: Distortion, Ping-Pong and Echo Delay, Reverb
General Random and Reset buttons for unusual sounds and initial preset
Output waveform display to avoid overload
Kujashi-made soundbank with 128 patches + 32 sounds from GyL

Available via the GyL Synths Facebook group.

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Free cello sample library for sforzando and Kontakt              21st June 2016

Free cello sample library for Plogue sforzando and Native Instruments Kontakt released by Karoryfer and bigcat instruments.

And now the Cello. Fortunately the exceptional talented sampler and SFZ instrument creator DSmolken and the lovely and skilled cellist Kamila Borowiak have teamed up to give us a great instrument. Actually they have given us two instruments. Mr. Smolken has reworked the cello to include things like vibrato and legato and all the sustain samples are looped for endless play.

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Synth Punch releases free Massive presets Mystery Box V1  20th June 2016

Synth Punch has released Mystery Box V1-Massive, free Massive presets for your projects.

"Here are 40 free Massive presets for you to use in your projects."

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Hello Samples releases SUB37 Analog Synth free sample pack 20th June 2016

Hello Samples has released SUB37 Analog Synth, a free sample pack featuring the sounds of the Sub 37 synthesizer by Moog Music.

About this library

After releasing a collection of free presets for the Moog Sub 37, we were really amazed to see that you guys liked it so much, even those of you that didn’t have this synthesizer in your studio. So, we switched our little beast back on, and multi-sampled it to create mono and polyphonic presets for Ableton and Maschine.

Almost 2GB of deep and abrasive basses, funky leads, nice plucks, driving synths, crazy FX and even some punchy drum kits. On top of that, unheard polyphonic patches to open a new world of possibilities with the programming capabilities of Ableton and Maschine.

An excellent starting point for you to play around with the sounds and create your own patches! Multi-vitaminate your sample collection!

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