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Rapid development of IT industry and Internet, results in great changes in the world of music. Consequently, everyone who owns a PC and at least a bit of talent for music can make music. Steinberg, with his VST technology, made a real revolution in the field of music. Today, on Internet, there are many quality VST plug ins, both expensive and free ones (that are also high quality). On this site, you can find a lot of legal free VST plugins, audio recording software, music loops, free sounds. Submit your free stuff Information. Contact: vstplanet@yahoo.com


Virtual Studio Technology and its acronym VST refer to an interface standard for connecting audio synthesizer and effect plugins to audio editors and hard-disk recording systems. VST and similar technologies allow the replacement of traditional recording studio hardware with software counterparts. VST plug-ins are software modules that can take the form of real-time instruments or effects. Thousands of plugins exist, making VST the most widespread audio plugin architecture.





- NEWS -


Full Bucket Music releases SequencAir v1.0.4 free step sequencer plugin  22nd May 2019

Full Bucket Music has released SequencAir v1.0.4, free software step sequencer/synthesizer standalone application and VST plug-in for Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS.

Version 1.0.4

- Reworked Sync-to-Host function

Version 1.0.3

- Fixed Sync-to-Host function
- Fixed MIDI output channel "all" (app version)
- Fixed crash in Cakewalk (VST version)

Version 1.0.2

- Fixed Pivot Key control
- Fixed context menu for first CC dropdown

Version 1.0.1

- Fixed MIDI Channel control
- Fixed replay when no step is enabled

SequencAir is a free software step sequencer/synthesizer standalone application and VST plug-in for Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS. It is written in native C++ code for high performance and extremely low CPU consumption.

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NMG Recording Studio releases Sidesticks free sample pack  22nd May 2019

NGM Recording Studio has announced the release of Sidesticks, a free drum sample pack comprising 396 sidestick sounds.

The pack includes samples from 6 snare drums, providing a wide palette of sounds from vintage Ludwig to modern Tama.

"Mixing good drums it’s not so easy, and samples comes handy when recordings are not so good. So many great kick and snare samples out there, but when it comes to side stick we always struggle to find something cool. So we decided, here at nmg recording studio, to create a series of drum samples that cover those drum sound that always remain unsampled.

We recorded with our beautiful API 1608 Console using great mics (u47, coles, royer, neumann, shure and akg… full list on website) and some great outboards. You get the Slate Trigger 2 files with some preset created for each snare and the single shots folder if you’re using other software."

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xoxos updates resyn free spectral resynthesis WAV sampler to v2.0 21st May 2019

xoxos has released version 2.0 of the free spectral resynthesizer resyn for Windows VST.

Version 2.0 expands sample memory, analysis and resynthesis parameterization, allowing you to push your CPU for quality results.

Added features include cepstral source separation and independent spectral shifting for the cross modulation file.

resyn is a free spectral resynthesis WAV sampler.

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Austrian Audio releases Polar Designer free open-source plugin 20th May 2019

Austrian Audio has released its Polar Designer plug-in as a free public beta. The plug-in lets you design custom polar patterns using a dual-output microphone.

"Our Free and Open Source PolarDesigner plug-in allows you to get deep into designing incredibly detailed polar patterns featuring up to to 5-bands with which to sculpt the perfect response. PolarDesigner is quite possibly the world’s most powerful polar pattern control suite. And it's free because we love you and audio."

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Free audio editor Audacity updated to v2.3.2 for Windows, macOS and Linux 15th May 2019

The free cross-platform Audacity multi-track audio editor and recorder software has been updated to version 2.3.2 for Windows, macOS and Linux.


- Audacity now includes the LAME mp3 encoder.
- There is a new 'Select' button in the track panel to select the whole track.
- Audacity mod-script-pipe for driving Audacity from Python now comes with Audacity and can be enabled via preferences.

Options and preferences:

- Type to Create a Label is now off by default.
- A plug-in installer for Nyquist now provides a file browser for selecting '.NY' files to install.

Bug Fixes:

Over 20 bugs in 2.3.1 fixed, including:

- Audacity 2.3.1 would crash if append-recording to a collapsed track.
- Many accessibility bugs on macOS fixed.

Audacity is a free multi-track wave (audio) editor.

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ToneLib updates free ToneLib-GFX to v3.8.0 for Win, Mac, Linux 15th May 2019

Tonelib.net has announced the recent release of version 3.8.0 of ToneLib-GFX.

ToneLib GFX incorporates modules with emulations of real guitar rig elements achieved with software DSP to obtain "the best tones with minimal CPU load and ultra low latency". Its integrated preset librarian and IR manager also allow you to easily customize, backup and manage your built-in library of tones. All is managed within its user interface, which is designed to be simple, but powerful.

The oversampling is auto-adjusted to a session's sample rate to save valuable CPU power while providing the most transparent sound possible.

Also note that ToneLib GFX is not just for guitar. The many included distortion, amp, delay, reverb, compressor and other effects can be utilized on any types of recordings.

ToneLib GFX comes as a Standalone Application and as plug-ins for use with the most popular DAW recording software.

Changes in version 3.8.0:

- auto-adjusted oversampling for maximum audio quality;
- hand-optimized AVX2 code for about 5% lower CPU load on newer CPU's;
- automatic high-resolution UI size adjustment on Windows;
- memory usage slightly reduced;
- Linux: opening GUI window failed sometimes, should be fixed now;
- Linux: Web interface thread used 100% CPU load;
- GUI-related hiccups in Adobe Audition;
- VST drawing area size was incorrect, could overwrite host window;
- Minor bug-fixes and improvements.

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King Oz Records releases free LA bands 2 15 band graphic EQ 13th May 2019

King Oz Records has released LA bands 2 15 band graphic EQ, free (open source) graphic equalizer for Windows.

Here is the first release of the LA bands 2 15 band graphic EQ.

It's a given that this Equalizer can meet any professional need, only using 0.5% CPU.

While calibrating this EQ; I went out of My way to test functionality with many given mediums. I mixed with synths (thanks to rhythm-lab.com), Vocals (thanks loopmasters, Sample magic and Ghosthack) as well as Drums (Thanks Diginoiz, Samplescience, rhytm-lab).

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