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Rapid development of IT industry and Internet, results in great changes in the world of music. Consequently, everyone who owns a PC and at least a bit of talent for music can make music. Steinberg, with his VST technology, made a real revolution in the field of music. Today, on Internet, there are many quality VST plug ins, both expensive and free ones (that are also high quality). On this site, you can find a lot of legal free VST plugins, audio recording software, music loops, free sounds. Submit your free stuff Information. Contact: vstplanet@yahoo.com


Virtual Studio Technology and its acronym VST refer to an interface standard for connecting audio synthesizer and effect plugins to audio editors and hard-disk recording systems. VST and similar technologies allow the replacement of traditional recording studio hardware with software counterparts. VST plug-ins are software modules that can take the form of real-time instruments or effects. Thousands of plugins exist, making VST the most widespread audio plugin architecture.





- NEWS -


Cinesamples releases CineSine LITE free Kontakt instrument    17th July 2019

Cinesamples has released CineSine LITE, free sine wave fattener patch for Kontakt.

CineSine LITE is an additional patch made of a simple sine wave and tuned pink noise. Try adding it to any tonal (pitched) instrument. It pairs well with full-range patches giving an added warmth, body, and sustain. You can turn off and on the Sine wave and the Pink noise and change their volumes separately. CineSine LITE offers a standard ADSR envelope, tape saturation, and stereo width (which applies better to the sine wave rather than the pink noise).

Requires the FULL version of Kontakt 5.6.8 and above. The FREE player will NOT support this product.

Requires a minimum of 240 MB free hard drive space during installation. Library size is approx. 120 MB after installation

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reFuse Software releases Flipper free signal polarity plugin (VST/AU/AAX)    17th July 2019

reFuse Software has announced that, previously available only as a Pluggo plug-in, the free Flipper plug-in is now available in native AAX, Audio Unit, and VST3 formats for the first time.

Flipper does one very simple thing: it flips signal polarity (misnomered often as "phase"). The idea is to speed up the workflow in a DAW.

By using a one-click keyboard shortcut to bypass Flipper, you can effectively add a polarity switch to any DAW mixer. Unlike appropriating an EQ or Trim plug-in for their polarity switches, there are no controls to accidentally leave in the wrong position with the Flipper.

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Gramotech releases GT Analyser v19.7.0 free frequency analyzer  15th July 2019

Gramotech has released GT Analyser v19.7.0, free high-resolution spectrum analyser plug-in for Windows and Mac.


- Added mid-side mode.
- Added snapshots.
- Added level meters.
- Added correlation meter.
- Many improvements in performance.

GT Analyser uses cutting edge techniques to display an accurate representation of the frequency content of a sound. The many controls shipped with GT Analyser allow anyone to tweak its behavior to their exact needs and tastes.

The analyser has unmatched low-end precision compared to other spectrum analysers thanks to its unique algorithm. It also has one of the best looking UI’s of any analyser available today so you will love using it on all of your audio projects.

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Nouveau Baroque releases free Ethno Steel sample pack   15th July 2019

Nouveau Baroque has announced the release of its Ethno Steel sample pack, featuring a collection of 50 high quality steel, metallic percussion one-shot samples for House, Dance and Ethnic-Folk music.

Introducing a fresh and useful sample pack by Nouveau Baroque` including 50HQ steel, metalic, percussion One-Shots for your house, dance and ethnic-folk music. The product is free to download and is royalty-free.This pack is the first volume of "Ethno steel" series and comes out as a freebie. As you hear in your head. As the music demands quality and creativity. We are pleased to start with a good product.

The royalty free Ethno Steel pack is free to download.

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252 free explosive samples by SampleRadar                       14th July 2019

252 free explosive samples released by SampleRadar.

Big bangs for no bucks

We're calling in the heavy artillery for this particular SampleRadar mission, bringing you an explosive collection of sounds that'll shake your productions to their very foundations.

We've got everything from synth and drum bombs to fireworks and party poppers, so light the download fuse and prepare for DAW detonation. 

What you need to know

The explosive samples are divided into seven folders, each of which is named according to the type of sounds contained within it.

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Decent SAMPLES releases free 555 Oscillator Synth for Kontakt 14th July 2019

Decent SAMPLES has released 555 Oscillator Synth, free instrument for NI Kontakt.

"In July 2019, we build a little 555 oscillator circuit (see video). Next, we sampled the waveform and turned it into two synthwave-inspired Kontakt patches: a pad and a synth guitar/keys patch. Requires the full version of Kontakt 5.3.1 or later (not Player)."


- Requires the full version of Kontakt 5.3.1 or later (not Kontakt Player)

- Convolution reverb with knob
- EQ controls
- ADSR Envelope controls
- 1 velocity layer

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lkjb releases TinyQ v1.5.4 free EQ plugin                            14th July 2019

lkjb has released TinyQ v1.5.4, free EQ plugin VST/AU for Windows and Mac.


- Fixed spike in frequency response plot when using samplerates other than 44100 Hz
- Added Analyser

TinyQ is – as the name suggests – a rather tiny EQ. There are lots of good large EQs around but nothing versatile if simply a few adjustments are needed. The EQ provides the following features:

- 4 bands 20 Hz to 20 kHz, two of them switchable between peak and shelf.
- Butterworth hi- and lo-cut with orders between 6 and 48 dB/octave.
- Toggle (Tiny/Large/Huge) to make it a bit less tiny. Huge mode is new in version 1.5.
- As some may notice the user interface is inspired by a DAW’s channel EQ.
- Set a default size for new instances (new in version 1.5).
- Set default settings for new instances.
- Included frequency analyser.

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