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TAL Reverb v.1.11 (free, open source)

TAL-Reverb, based on juce is released under the Gnu Public Licence, which means it can be freely copied and distributed, and costs nothing to use in open-source applications. You maybe contact me if you want use the code in a commercial project.

Its very diffuse and has its own sound because of its special signal routing. Slight modulated delay times avoid artefacts in the reverb tail and give this reverb its smooth sound.

Maybe you try it on some percussion sounds to find out if you like it. Because of the few knobs, this plugin should be is easy to use.

  • Easy to use.
  • Smooth diffuse sound.
  • 12 dB High- and Low-Pass filter.
  • Pre delay, up to one second.
  • Usable for a wide range of sounds, especially percussion.
  • Midi Learn (vst's only)
  • 10 presets.
  • open source.

The file includes Win and Mac versions.

Developer: Togu Audio Line

DOWNLOAD  3.66 mb


HybridReverb2 (free, open source)

HybridReverb2 is a convolution-based reverberation effect which combines the superior sound quality of a convolution reverb with the tuning capability of a feedback delay network. The sound quality of a convolution reverb depends on the quality of the used room impulse responses. HybridReverb2 comes with a set of high quality room impulse responses which were synthesized with a state-of-the-art auralization software ("tinyAVE").

The user can choose between different rooms, different source distances, and different dampings (different reverberation times) suitable for different purposes. In contrast to the "music" damping which simulates a quite reverberant environment, the "speech" damping will result in a subtle reverberation effect. HybridReverb2 is not designed as a "flashy" reverb effect, but as an effect which adds natural sounding reverberation to your audio projects.


  • free and open source plugin (GPL)
  • high quality room impulse responses (PCM, 48kHz, 24bit)
  • rear channel impulse responses for a natural spatial envelopment
  • low latency (down to 64 samples)
  • low CPU load
  • individual performance optimizer
  • intuitive and clearly arranged user interface
  • quick selection of presets via categories
  • tuning of room impulse responses:
  •     initial gap / length / pre-delay
  •     dry / wet / master gain
  •     envelope (with increasing resolution for fine tuning the early reflections)
  •     timbre (equalizer with 1/3 octave resolution)
  • editor for the preset database
  • user specified impulse responses can also be used

If you are interested in a larger database (193MB), download the following archive and extract it to your HybridReverb2 folder.

Download: HybridReverb2_large_database.zip

Developer: ika.rub.de

DOWNLOAD  3.49 mb


Plate reverb (free, open source)

This Plate Reverb effect is directly based on the Plate Reverb described in Jon Datorro’s “Effect Design” paper (part 1). Again the GUI is based on a GUI mock-up by thcilnnahoj.



Developer: Christian page

DOWNLOAD  545 kb


Mverb v.1.0 (free, open source)

MVerb is a free, studio quality, open-source reverb. Its release is intended to provide a practical demonstration of Dattorro's figure-of-eight reverb structure and provide the open source community with a high quality reverb.

The file includes Win and Mac versions.


Developer: Martin Eastwood Audio

DOWNLOAD  919 kb


Mutant Reverb (freeware)

A warm-sounding 8-comb reverb effect, including parameters to entirely warp, mutate, and scratch the reverb.



Developer: gregjazz.com

DOWNLOAD  580 kb

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