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Reverb (42)


SC Reverb (freeware)

This VST plugin is implemented for performance evaluation of the Switched Convolution Reverberator structure, which is proposed in the AES paper1. This artificial late-field reverberator algorithm requires little memory and low computational complexity and readily generates high echo densities, so that it is appropriate for mobile devices and the like.

SC Reverb has some controllable parameters as shown below figure. It consists of mix level, reverberation time in time/freq., pre/late-delay time, etc. Among them, 'Method', 'Noise Type' and 'Late Only' are used for demonstrating the performance of each structure in the AES paper1.

Mac OS X: [.zip] (tested in OS X 10.5 and later on Intel Mac)

Win32: screverb.dll

The file includes Win and Mac versions.

Developer: ccrma.stanford.edu

DOWNLOAD  1.92 mb


SG-UglyVerb (freeware)

SG-UglyVerb free Windows reverb plugin.

Developer: synthgeek.skincontact.com

DOWNLOAD  1.25 mb


Alesis Microverb VST (freeware)

The cult Digital Reverb now as VST plugin ...

Developer: longsound.de

DOWNLOAD  1.25 mb


Modern Flash Verb (freeware)

- Process On/Off button
- Send mode On/Off button
- Input control (-6 to +6 dB)
- Level control (Relative reverb time)
- Reverb time (off to 10 secs)
- Room control
- Room size (box to infinity)
- Pre-Delay time(off to 2 secs).

Developer: antress.blogspot.com

DOWNLOAD  2.84 mb


UD Reverb (freeware)

UD Reverb is a Vst plugin created by the The Utopian Dreams Band for your pleasure and free for your use.

Please stop by and visit us at:

Developer: utopian-dreams.com

DOWNLOAD  5.23 mb


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