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Piano vst (46)


CLAVI  (freeware)

Style Piano Module.

Clavi is a piano instrument with one sound only. It has the characteristics of a modern, synthesized sound. There are no controls or user adjustments.

The file includes Windows version.

Developer: Safwan Matni


DOWNLOAD  13.70 mb


Way piano (freeware)

The first on offer is 'Way Piano'. This is a multi sampled Steinway piano that I made up from three different SF2 files.

I extracted the samples from said files and with a little processing and glueing together I made myself a nice sounding piano that would be quick and easy to use.

Although very much an instrument for one purpose, I have included the ADSR amp envelope controls alongside a volume, pan and reverb control, allowing a little more sound shaping possibilities.

There are both 32 and 64 bit windows versions available as well as an AU version for Mac, although I must say that I haven't been able to test the Mac version. If anyone does try it and has problems please let me know.

The file includes Windows version.

Developer: simonlarkin.net


DOWNLOAD  22.98 mb


Acoustic grand piano soundfont + SafFron SoundFont Player (free)

Yamaha Disklavier Pro piano, sf2 format, 116 samples, 44100Hz, 16bit.


The Yamaha Grand Piano soundfont is free. It is built from the Zenph Studios Yamaha Disklavier Pro Piano Multisamples for OLPC. The soundfont itself and all modifications made to the original samples are offered under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.

Developer: zenvoid.org

SafFron SoundFont Player:

Excellent soundfont player with multiple effects and patches.

- 24 voice polyphonic Soundfont Player
- Amp, Filter and Modulation sections
- Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Delay, Reverb FX included
- GUI by ArtVera

The file includes piano soundfont and Safron soundfont player.

The file includes Windows version.

DOWNLOAD  50.81 mb


dhPiano (freeware)

At a time when multi-gigabyte sample-based grand piano emulations are battling it out for a huge chuck of your hard drive (and a huge chunk out of your wallet as well), I thought it might be nice to offer a piano synth that won't make a dent in either. Weighing in at less than 620 KB, the DH Piano VSTi is offered as freeware.

No samples are used. The sound is created entirely by subtractive synthesis. It won't fool anyone into thinking it's an acoustic piano, but it's warm and responsive and fun to play.

The file includes Windows version.

DOWNLOAD  605 kb


Lazy Snake (freeware)

LazySnake is a virtual electric piano VSTi.

It features:

- Fork section: Control over Harmonics and Fundamental.
- Amp section: Overdrive and Hardness.
- Polyphony mode: 1-16 voices.
- +-24 course tuning & finetune controls
- Lin/Exp/Log velocity curves with depth control.
- WhaWha (With cutoff & resonance and sync options).
- Tremolo (Mono/Stereo and sync options).
- MIDI automation and MIDI learn.
- Skinable.

The file includes Windows version.

DOWNLOAD  448 kb


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