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Penguin synth (freeware)

Penguin synth is a free vst synth for windows. The Dubble oscillators can be set to different types including Overdrive, FM, FMB, Harmonic, ...

The file include VST plugin for Windows.

Developer: stardust-audio.com

DOWNLOAD  6.21 mb


DCO-6 v0.3b (freeware)

DCO-6 v0.3b - Roland Juno-106 emulator.

64 patch memories.

DCO-6 v0.3b for Windows VST is available as a free download.

Developer: kvraudio.com/forum

DOWNLOAD  1.24 mb


Cobalt (freeware)

Cobalt is a VSTi software synthesizer inspired by many of the digital synthesizers from the 1980s.

In the early 80s as digital technology became cheaper, many manufacturers designed synthesizers that combined earlier analog technology with newer digital technology. These were known as hybrid synthesizers. Well-known hybrid synthesizers are the Korg DW8000 and DW6000, the Ensoniq ESQ-1, and the Kawai K3.

The file include VST plugin for Windows (32bit and 64bit).

Developer: Sanford Sound Design

DOWNLOAD  9.15 mb


Rebel 2 (freeware)

Klangformer Rebel 2 Lite by !jason Synth / !j development.

- Mono & Multi-timbral versions.
- Up to 32/16 voices, 16/8 channels at once. 16/8 single outputs.
- 128 patches per bank. Dynamic Voice Mapping (DVM ).
- Vario Voice Resolution System (VVR) with optional sample interpolation algorithm.
- Internal Anti Clipping Limiting device (ACL). Real Time rendered power tone generating system (5 algorithms)

The file include VST plugin for Windows, .exe file extension.

Developer: klangformer.de


DOWNLOAD  1.04 mb


Beatzille modular synth (freeware)

Beatzille is a compact version of the Bazille hybrid modular synthesizer by u-he. Though Beatzille has reduced functionality, it features the same digital oscillators and analogue-style filter as its bigger brother. A great way to get into modular synths!

Beatzille is free download for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Developer: beat.de


DOWNLOAD  53.08 mb


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