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Synthesizers (220)


NST Vocal Choir VST Plugin (freeware)

NST Vocal Choir is a selective choral library in VST.

The file include VST plugin for Windows (32 and 64 bit).

Mac VST version download here. 166.00 mb

Developer: bigcatinstruments.blogspot.com 


DOWNLOAD  130.00 mb (32bit)       DOWNLOAD 131.00 mb (64bit)


Houston Lite v1.0 (freeware)

Over 100 vintage synth sounds ranging from pads, synth basses and synth leads.

This is a Lite product and contains less presets than the pro version.

VST plugin for Windows (32 and 64 bit).

Developer: platinumsoundsvst.com 


DOWNLOAD  85.85 mb (32bit)       DOWNLOAD 86.60 mb (64bit)


EVM Omicron Synth (freeware)

EVM Omicron - pad synthesizer module.

The EVM Omnicron is a pad synthersizer module designed to replace the popular EVM Occam synthersizer. Omnicron was rebuilt from the start with the objective to provide the sound combination of the Occam in a separate module and allow multiple instance stacking. This gives the Omnicron the ability to play more sounds than the Occam with similar CPU usage.

Synth VST plugin for Windows 32bit.

Developer: sinte-virtual.com/evmsynths 


DOWNLOAD  3.03 mb Win (32bit)


SE PolyMod KX Synth (freeware)

Vintage polyphonic synthesizer to build analog 70's leads! Open SE1, provided with its SE1 files and skin elements. Built for help SE community, based only on SE modules but great VA sounding! Alpha release available for Mac users.

Synth VST plugin for Windows (32 and 64 bit).

Mac AU version download here. 4.22 mb

Developer: kx77free.free.fr 

DOWNLOAD  2.26 mb Win (32bit)       DOWNLOAD 3.25 mb Win (64bit)


Monochord (freeware)

MonoChord VST mono Chord synth. A virtual Analog 3 OSC synth, with FM synthesis and a programmable Triad Chord maker. Ideal for bass sounds Acid, Chord hits and sound effects.

2 high quality filters with classic models MG, Diode, SEM, K35. 3 Low aliasing oscillators with fold back and distortion for shaping and FM for OSC 2 and 3. Along with complex routing options.

Now available as a free download for Windows 7- 10 64-bit VST & Mac OS X 10.9+ VST.

Developer: maeaudio.com 

DOWNLOAD  3.08 mb Win (64bit)       DOWNLOAD 3.28 mb Mac (64bit)


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Lyre Synth


Cobalt Synth


The Quilcom 111 brainwave synth


Rocket Punch Synth





Orchestra Instrument