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Synthesizers (204)


Strings (freeware)

Classic Analog Strings Sound.


Developer: Safwan Matni


DOWNLOAD  839 kb


Umbra free (freeware)

Umbra is basically a Waveset of 128 complex waveforms as SF2 plus a specially designed VSTi Synthesizer / SF2 (Soundfont) player. The Umbra waveset consists of complex waveforms which are best suited for dark ambient, soundscapes, athmospheres, textures and rather experimental sounds.

The Umbra waveset can be used also with STS-26 and ProtoPlasm21 and other sf2 compatible apps. As of STS-26 and ProtoPlasm 21 it is recommeded not to load it into all slots as sound might get too fat then.

Developer: HG Fortune


DOWNLOAD  7.15 mb

Lusus v.1.10 (freeware)

Dr. Speaker Blower presents LUSUS, a simple but powerful virtual analogue synth with 4 oscillators, 1 multimode filter , 2 envelopes, 1 LFO. Powerful effects section with OuraDrive, Chorus and Delay. Lusus has 16 presets and is a Stand Alone application (PC only) and/or a PC VST instrument.

Developer: Dr. Speaker Blower

DOWNLOAD  1.35 mb


Trascender SE v.1.6 (freeware)

A special edition re-release of the original with a few enhancements. It now has a choice of square or sawtooth waveforms for more sounds, plus a simple host synchronized trance rhythm gate, and the same multibank detuned oscillators mixed in stereo through twin filters for that huge wide power station sized sound ;)


Developer: dreamvortex


DOWNLOAD  950 kb

Urban Nexus v.1.0 (freeware)

Urban Nexus is a spectral synthesizer with 32 harmonics that can be simple drawn with mouse. In the same way can be adjusted the amp ADSR and filter ADSR. Additional timbre adjustments are made using warping system and adding phat module with 5 x-mode, also LP/HP filter, LFO and reverberation.

Urban Nexus Features:

- Spectral synthesis with 32 harmonics.
- Power warping system.
- Multimode LFO with BPM syncend and local rate generator.
- Unique phat module with 5 x-mode.
- Internal reverberation.
- 64 factory presets.
- Detune effect for strange and fat sound landscapes.
- Full MIDI Learn.

Developer: goodkarma.ru/syncersoft


DOWNLOAD  4.04 mb

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