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News - December 2015


Cableguys releases PanCake version 2.3                    07th December 2015

Cableguys has released PanCake version 2.3, free plugin that allows you to create most flexible panning modulations.

As with the recent updates of Curve, FilterShaper and VolumeShaper, it's all about UI and an even faster workflow:

- We've added a new drawing tool which allows to quickly add steps in the waveform.
- Waveform points are more clearly visible and buttons are bigger and more responsive.
- MidiShaper is now all dark. And blue! Many users have asked us for this change. If you belong to the ones who preferred the old white layout, please excuse our change to a dark skin.
- In MidiShaper, it's now possible to resize the waveform area.
- For PanCake, we've added a running light which shows the position within the audio nicely.

PanCake is a free plugin that allows you to create most flexible panning modulations.

You can construct your own modulation curves in a very intuitive manner. Waveforms can be easily drawn using soft or hard control points, thus producing gentle transitions or sharp bends in the waveform.

Its LFO speed can be set synced to your DAW, from a fast 1/128 note modulation up to 32 bars. It can also be set free-running from 0.02 Hz to 5.24 kHz.

PanCake's LFO will always stay in sync, even when you make tempo changes in your host software, or jump ahead to different parts of your track.

Absolutely everything in PanCake can be automated. Even the shape of the modulating waveform can be automated. And if you want to use different modulation curves in a song, you can automate the plugin to switch between them.

Best of all, PanCake is completely free! No login, no registration required.


Visit: cableguys.com/pan-cake





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