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News - December 2015


Free Beat Assembler for Kontakt                                      09th December 2015

Free Beat Assembler for Kontakt released by Fairly Confusing Waveforms.

This experiment took me a while to complete and it made me scratch my head pretty hard a couple of times. I wanted a drum machine in Kontakt, that wouldn't be bound to 4/4 signature and standard time grid. Also I wanted to break with table based patterns and have visual presentation more like in a DAW. Beat Assembler does that and more.

It's a drum machine with sequencer, which can generate automatic program according to preset scheme and set of parameters. It creates a master pattern which then is being fit into a time-frame, matching current tempo and time signature. The pattern can be quantized to defined grid, which can use a range of unusual note fractions, like 1/5 or 6/11, everything being visualized on the fly. The machine also lets you define time signature manually, so you're not limited to 4/4 in standalone mode, furthermore allowing some irrational settings like 4/3 or 5/7. So, if you like to experiment with strange percussion patterns, you may enjoy this one.


Additional features include: four voice groups with automated distribution, where you can set effects and modulation parameters for each group; manual sequence editor, so you can move notes around the grid; note recorder, so you can play a pattern by keyboard and then quantize it inside out.


Visit: beat-assembler





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