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News - January 2016


Free metronome download for Windows and Mac          21st January 2016

Free metronome download for Windows and Mac Presto Metronome v1.2b.

Presto Metronome is free and can improve your speed and accuracy on any instrument. Presto has all of the typical things you would expect from a modern metronome, plus some excellent training tools.

The training tools include a Accelerando (Accel.) Trainer; which will gradually increment the start tempo to your goal tempo over a fixed length of time.

The Step Trainer is more like a hands free metronome. It bumps up the tempo by a specified number of steps at certain points until the goal tempo and duration are reached.

The Scale Trainer replaces the click with your choice of scale played in tempo on any instrument. It will play the scale up an down a specified number of octaves. Best of all the Scale Trainer works along with the other trainers; allowing you copy what you hear and play be ear.

Subdivision of the beat, triplets, a visual click, a mute button and a tap tempo function are all included as well.

159 instruments sounds supported.

Download Presto Metronome v1.2b here (Windows) 1.72 mb and here (Mac) 3.59 mb!


Visit: sourceforge.net/projects/musicstudent





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