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News - April 2015


Flo Audio releases Yamaha free G5 guitar amp and Fender Vibro Champ IR sets    20th April 2015

Flo Audio has released new free amp and spring reverb impulse response packs of the Yamaha G5 and Fender Vibro Champ.

"I have the pleasure to share with you the tiny Yamaha G5 guitar combo which was made in japan in the early 80s! I didn’t know it at all, so i was eager to see how it sounded! Its spring doesn’t sound harsh at all as it doesn’t have a long release, which makes it quite usable on lots of possible sources! Less noisy than the Park G10R too!

I captured the spring with sine sweeps, at 4 different levels of reverb (3-5-7-full) and 9 different EQ settings, depending on the reverb level, all in all 24 impulses including 2 ‘All In’ settings, which of course implies that every knob was turned to 10! 4 ‘Amp Noise’ are just loops of the noise that the amp does by itself.. 4 ‘Kicked’ settings specially added for the wild at heart haha! 7 ‘Miced’ miced with a sm57 and finally 5 ‘Cabinet Impulse’ including a pass thru captured with a sine!

Here’s another rad addition to the growing number of exotic pieces on my page! I have the pleasure to present you the Fender Vibro Champ Silverface, it’s a tube guitar amp which was made in the usa in the late 60s!

Since it’s a really nice sounding amp, i decided to capture both its spring and dry sound in case it could be useful for the future! The way i did it is quite simple, here are the variations:

Dry / Reverb at 3 / Reverb at 5 / Reverb at 10 Then for each setting only bass at 0 3 5 7 10 then only treble at 0 3 5 7 10 and then Bass / Treble at 0 3 5 7 10, and sometimes other settings if i stumbled on something nice!"

Both packs are free to download (name your price).


Visit: floaudio.bandcamp.com





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