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News - June 2015


Tor-Helge Skei releases fx_cutter free VST effect           03rd June 2015

Tor-Helge Skei has released fx_cutter, a free loop slicer/buffer FSU VST effect plug-in for Windows.

i"finally dived into it, and finished a conversion of a jesusonic plugin i made a long time ago, to vst.. i use this in a lot of tracks i make myself, but since i mainly use bitwig now, it's a bit of a hassle to use the reajs wrapper all the time.. the linux version just needs some small gfx/gui code tweaks.. i think.. been a while since i booted into linux :-/ .. and i thought 64 bit should be working, but it crashes (user32.dll-related, it seems).. so i need to do some debugging.. or there might be something weird things with the cross-compilation setup and freepascal/lazarus..

audio is continually recorded into a buffer (length is 'beats', each slice subdivided into 'slices'), and randomly ('cut prob'), a few slices will be selected ('max cut'), and subdivided ('max loop'), and then this small bit is looped for the duration of the outer selection, the longer bit (the 'max cut' part).. and each time this loop wraps around, it can possibly halve ('slowdown') or double ('speedup') its playback speed, or halve ('halve') or double (yes, 'double') the size of the looped bit..

it is pretty uncontrollable and unrepeatable with all the probibilities, so i usually run a track several times through this, and cut out the good parts..

it would be nice to hear about any bugs or problems (or anything else), so i could try to make it as stable as i can.. i have a big list of simple plugins i will present in a while, so if i can get the underlying library/framework bug-free (well..),

it would benefit all of them.. and i also have a bunch of ideas for this one, there will be updates.."


Visit: torhelgeskei.blogspot.no/2015/06/fxcutter





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