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News - July 2016


Adam Monroe Music releases free Adam Monroe's Tremolo    18th July 2016

Adam Monroe Music has released Adam Monroe's Tremolo, free 32/64 bit effect plugin for Windows VST and AU Mac.

Adam Monroe's Tremolo is a free vst and au effects plugin conceived as a companion piece to Adam Monroe's Mark 73 Electric Piano. There are many free tremolo effects plugins to chooose from, but I wanted to design my own, with both traditional amplitude tremolo and stereo panning. The idea was to implement both "vertical" and "horizontal" oscillators, and to be able to easily tweak these values via knobs.

I wanted to make a simplified, streamlined GUI, with direct access to the plugin's parameters. The user can adjust both the speed and depth of the plugin's tremolo, and the speed and depth of stereo panning. Both effects are routed to a mixer, so the user can adjust the wet/dry signal.

Sample rates can be easily adjusted. This has the added effect of either slowing down or speeding up the tremolo, depending on your chosen sample rate.

The values for depth and speed of tremolo and panning effect are quite large. With the depth values set at maximum, the plugin utilizes full-spectrum sine wave oscillation for tremolo/amplitude modulation and full stereo panning for the "panner."


This tremolo plugin is provided for free as a compliment to Adam Monroe's Mark 73. The decision was made to implement a separate plugin for two reasons: Firstly, to provide tremolo to Kontakt users, and secondly, to be provide functionality with other plugins.


Visit: tremolo-vst-free





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