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News - November 2016


bigcat instruments releases free VSCO2 Orchestra Rompler    28th November 2016

bigcat instruments has releaseds VSCO2 Orchestra Rompler, free VST/AU instruments for Windows and Mac.

Sam Gossner impressively created the VSCO2 chamber orchestra. Two years in the making this version at its largest has 300 instruments. Sam put thousands of the samples under a Creative Commons Zero license which is similar to Public Domain. This is called the Community Edition and there is a full SFZ version and an EXS24 version in the making on this page along with all the original samples. Thanks to Sam and his friends for this tremendous contribution to the world of free music.

You can get all 18 instruments and 50 articulations in one Rompler Module or get them individually. The Rompler contains all the instruments listed below it.

Version 2

Who releases a preview of Version two right after version one? Well at least you don't have to pay anything extra. Sam was kind enough to let me use the UI art created by Simon Autenrieth for the official VSTs. These look awesome, have round robins and some other improvements. The negatives are that they take a long time to make and leave more room for error, so if you find glitches please let me know (though that is true for all these instruments). The main thing to note is that the onscreen keyboard is not velocity sensitive. Midi input, external keyboards, etc all behave correctly its only the onscreen keyboard in the VST that is basically a toggle switch.


Visit: the-vsco2-orchestra





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