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News - March 2016


Bitsonic releases Multiband Stereo Imager Lite                29th March 2016

Bitsonic has released Multiband Stereo Imager Lite, free stereo enhancer plugin for Windows.

Using Multiband Stereo Image Modifier Lite you can freely change the sense of space, in 3 different frequency-ranges. Mid/Side mode optimalizes the audio sign. You can change the volume or stereo image with the Mid/Side volume functions.

Graphic frequency range handler interface: It can manage 3 different frequency ranges. The overlay of the different ranges can be changed with the vertical white lines. The ranges are colour-coded. When used, the vectorscope shows the stereo images of the ranges, and therefore you can see on the graphic display if the sense of space is correct.

Side volume: Adds to the sense of space. In middle-state there is no change. Pushing the slider up the sign changes to mono, pushing it down adds to the sense of space. Deafult value is 128.

Mid volume: Changes the volume of the mid-channel Useful function, because it lowers the middle sounds’volume – like the kickdrum or the vocal zone. Default volume is 256.

Volume: All 3 frequency-ranges’ volume can be changed separately.

Modifier on/off: In off mode the switch turns off all the effects in the program.

Band buttons: These buttons are used to turn on and off the different frequency-ranges. When turned off, it turns off the whole stream of signs from the ranges – meaning that both effects and the original sign will be turned off. In this state the frequency-ranges’ interface can’t be seen, therefore it’s easy to tell which range is on or off.


Visit: bitsonic.eu/stereoimagerlite





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