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News - February 2016


Devil Soundz releases Devil Bass Module v2.5 free VST synth 01st February 2016

Devil Soundz has released Devil Bass Module 2.5, a free VST instrument plugin for Windows for creating deep to high smooth and vibrant basses.


- Two oscillators. Oscillator one has four waveforms and oscillator two has fourteen waveforms.
- One drawable envelope for the amp.
- One filter with selectable filter freq and a cutoff knob for adjusting the cutoff.
- One vibes selector which can be set at 1/1, 1/4, and 1/8 speeds.
- One two band equalizer for adjusting low and high volumes and a pressure knob for adding more low end.
- One LFO with speed and depth knobs. LFO also has a drawable envelope.
- One tone knob for adjusting the overall tone.
- One master volume knob.
- One phat knob for adding phatness to the bass.
- One kick knob for adding extra punch to the attack of the bass.
- One velocity knob for adjusting the velocity.
- One distort knob for adding distortion.
- Able to save and load presets.

Devil Bass Module is great for adding vibrant deep, mid, or high basses to your tracks. Bass tracks made with Devil Bass Module are rich sounding and smooth feeling. Devil Bass Module uses very little resources and can make a plethora of sounds. So download Devil Bass Module today to check it out.


Visit: Devil Bass Module 2.5





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