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News - June 2016


Free audio editor ocenaudio v3.1.0                              02nd June 2016

Free audio editor ocenaudio v3.1.0 released.

- Add "Convert to Mono" in open files list context menu
- Add option "play head follows cursor position"
- Add support to MP2 in MKV files
- Optimization of waveform render (uses openGL when available)
- Add regions highlight in open files search
- Keybindings preferences can be changed with doubleclick
- Add regions, markers and loop editors in the audio properties dialog
- Add record cursor (only to show the record position)
- Add Punch N Roll (with destructive recording)
- Complete support to high DPI displays
- Improvement of regions, markers and loops controls
- Add open files list sort capability
- Folder ($MUSIC)/ocenaudio is only created if used
- cue file support
- Removes ".dat" from ocenaudio associated extensions
- Add remember last folder used to save a file
- Add option to select bit depth when exporting PCM Linear in WAV and CAF
- Keyboard focus goes to label editor when region or marker is created
- Add optimization for linear transforms effects (gain, normalization and dc offset)
- Stylesheet update of toolbar in windows and linux
- Add support for audio screenshot in high dpi (requires Qt >= 5.5)
- Layout update of QuickOpen
- Add sinchronized view for two or more audio files
- ix presentation of preference dialog in Mac OS X full screen
- Fix problem opening files with mimetype audio/l16
- Fix regions playback issue
- Fix freezing when close ocenaudio while region is being edited
- Fix state of loop control in toolbar
- Fix issue that can freeze ocenaudio when a message box is created during the close process
- Fix a dead area bug (canvas area which not respond to mouse events)
- Fix a problem that causes freezing in the audio mixer
- Fix a bug with corrupted access of memory in some conditions. (Thanks to Frank!
- Fix a bug with channel synchronization during audio capture
- Fix audio mixer when the selected backend dont have any active devices
- Fix toolbar state on mac in some conditions
- Fix issue that could create an empty undo when inserting regions
- Fix issue that could freeze ocenaudio if region/marker or loop is being edited when quitting
- Fix minors bugs

Easy, fast and powerful audio editor.

ocenaudio is available for all major operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. This means you can always rely on ocenaudio on any computer.


Visit: ocenaudio.com 





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