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News - February 2015


Free SM Drums for Sfrozando                                      12th February 2016

Free SM Drums for Sfrozando released by Scott McLean (drummer), Tod Stillwell (producer), and Suleiman Ali (producer).

A Plogue authorized SFZ version of SM Drums for Sfrozando !

What’s so special about it ?

‘Authorized’ means it has a proper GUI with some spiffing controls for all the kit pieces / buses. That’s right, it has a one stop for all controls right there in Sforzando. And Sforzando has a pretty neatly implemented DFD (direct from disk streaming). And the Sforzando vst/standalone is free, as is this drum library. Do I need to draw you a road map here ?

What’s in there ?

There’s around 2.2 GB of beautifully multi-sampled collector’s drum kit insanity (many velocity layer and plenty of round robins) , the sfz files, the GUI files, plus a manual and track templates for Reaper and FLStudio.

There is a version for a single instance of sforzando, that lets you play the whole kit and control some crucial parameters from there, for a stereo out.

There is a version for every single drum bus, where you can have multiple instances of Sforzando on separate tracks in your DAW to apply external FX on each drum bus.

sforzando is a Free SFZ Player. Simple but powerful for advanced users.



Visit: sm-drums-sforzando-1-0





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