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News - August 2016


Free virtual instruments for Sforzando released by Michael Picher  31st August 2016

Free Virtual Instruments for Sforzando released by Michael Picher music composer.

New: HamOrg Lite (Tonewheel Organ)

HamOrg is designed to perfectly emulate the natural sound of a classic tonewheel organ. You can pair HamOrg with your favorite rotary speaker simulator for additional effects and a more authentic sound.


The Lite Version only includes one manuel and 9 keyswitch presets (a mix of both manuels). In the Full Version you have full drawbar control, percussion effects, and keyswitches for both the Great and Swell manuels.

Soon: Binaural Upright Piano

Unlike other virtual pianos, this one will give you the sensation of being in the chair directly infront of the keys. Features include multiple key strikes (sampled when the damper pedal is both up and down), sampled releases, and even damper pedal sounds that all recorded binaurally from a playing position!​

Coming September 2016 (or sooner)! Currently in beta testing.

Vintage Celesta

This virtual celesta is sampled from an old celesta (probably made in the 1950s) that was given as a birthday preset to my Grandfather and was used, in combination with a Hammond organ, at a roller-skating rink in Massachusetts.​

Includes adjustable volume for key release sounds.

These soundfonts have only been tested with ARIA Player and Sforzando.

sForzando is a free, highly SFZ 2.0 compliant sample player.


Visit: michaelpichermusic.wixsite.com/composer/free





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