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News - August 2016


GyL Synths releases Drag-On free VST synth               04th August 2016

GyL Synths has released Drag-On, free VST hybrid synthesizer plugin for Windows (32 bit).

Main features:

- 4 wavetable oscillators, continuous wave-blending from 1st to 32nd wave – just drag it!
- tuning by semitones or continuously +/- 2 octaves
- pitch / amplitude envelopes – just drag it!
- menu items – just drag it!
- FM (phase) modulation pads and direct path to filter
- 4 parallel layers or 2 FM modulated layers or any other combination and mix
- 2 synched LFO to pitch 1...4, phase 1...3, cutoff, resonance, amp ; rate-depth pads ; OFF, sin, saw, tri, square waves
- mod-wheel to LFOs’ depth
- mod-envelope to pitch-4, phase 1...3, cutoff, resonance
- cutoff-resonance pad and keyboard tracking
- bypass ; 12 dB/oct low-, high-, bandpass, notch, peak ; 24dB/oct low-, high-, bandPass
- arpeggiator and step gate
- distortion, stereo synched delay, reverb
- adjustable pitchwheel range and pw to cutoff
- mono/poly mode
- glide and retrigger in mono
- by-passable amp velocity
- random/reset (reset for initial setup)
- output display (actual waveform & amplitude)
- 128 patch memories / bank
- 128 patches from Kujashi + 32 from GyL


Demo of my soundbank for the Drag-On Synthesizer by GYL Synths. ALL sounds you hear (except the drums) are created with this synthesizer and played without the use of external effects


Available via the GyL Synths Facebook group.


Visit: GyL Synths Group





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