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News - November 2016


Hermann Seib updates free VSTHost to v1.55                 09th November 2016

Hermann Seib has announced that the free VSTHost application for 32- and 64-bit Windows has been updated to v1.55.

Changes since V1.54:

- Added "isSingleton" to Data\effCanDos.ini (see this file for details) for Plug-ins that exhibit severe problems if more than one instance is loaded into the same process.
- Standard version uses VST SDK 3.6.5 now; Win98 version uses VST SDK 3.5.1, since 3.5.2 is uncompilable with VS98.
- VST3 double precision audio was effectively disabled; corrected.
- Various VST3 handling improvements.
- Parameter window wasn't updated correctly.
- MIDI Controller dialog didn't display controller names correctly.
- If a loaded USB MIDI device is detached and reattached, VSTHost automatically reconnects to it IF its device interface name can be determined (still rather experimental)
Requires drivers that support DRV_QUERYDEVICEINTERFACE (not all do).
- Built-in Reverb Plug-in added (adapted FreeVerb v3, originally done by Jezar @ Dreampoint, generously put into the public domain; www.dreampoint.co.uk was used in the readme but that is not working any more. archive.org, however, has copies containing FreeVerb from 2000 and 2001).
- Bridging performance and stability improvements.
- I/O changes during performance loading are processed immediately so that channel-specific links are kept intact.
- Built-in Audio Passthru Plug-in added (can be used to set up elaborate channel splits / concentrators).
- Built-in Submixer Plug-in added (setting special channel configurations using the "Chain after" dialog doesn't work yet).
- Added pre-chained MIDI Plug-ins and "All linked Plug-ins" to possible sources for a Plug-in's Remote Control.
- Fixed a bug that ruined compatibility with Voicemeeter (with or without Banana:-) and other ASIO drivers that use IEE754 32-bit floating point format buffers.

VSTHost is an Open Source VST-compatible host that:

- Loads VST 2 / 3 / Module Architecture plug-ins.
- Parameterizing / editing them.
- Sound output for VSTis. MIDI-input and -output.
- Loading / saving.fxb files.
- Supports ASIO2.


Visit: hermannseib.com/english/vsthost





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