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News - November 2016


Noise gate free download by Viper ITB                            16th November 2016

Noise gate free download for Windows (32bit) released by Viper ITB.

VeeCS is a mini-channel strip.

Noise gate switch that attenuates everything below -60dBFS.

EQ sections consists of 2 shelving filters and 2 bell filters which highly interact with each other. For instance, cranking the 12 k to the max will create a 3 dB worth scoop in the middle and a slight boost to the sub frequencies.

The most interesting and unique features are HPF and LPF filters which in fact are a combination of shelving filters and band pass filters, creating EQ curves which are NON EXISTENT in other analogue and virtual EQs. Their exact action depends on what other controls are set like. For instance, when 12 k is maxed, the HPF control become a movable "analogue tape head bump" (from 50 Hz to 1250 Hz) with a tweakable Q. When EQ are set flat, it is just a -12 dB hi pass filter with an adjustable resonating peak.

LPF can be used to boost hi freqs - just move it slightly counterclockwise and boost Q to create a broad peak. HPF can be used to boost bass in the very same manner. Or you can crank up Q of the LPF and automate the knob to sweep through the spectrum to imitate wah-wah effect. Or you can... possibilities are limited only by your imagination, just turn the other knobs and observe how action of "filters" changes.

Additional modules include a tube saturation model (crank the input to very slightly saturate the signal - however, the module is not designed to create a full-fledged distortion but was designed to deliver as clean tone as possible with just a tiny touch of "analogousness", just for the sake of it) and a brickwall limiter before the output control (yes, the more EQ freqs get boosted, to greater the slam against the limiter, which creates interesting effects on its own).

Download VeeCS here! 2.30 mb


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