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News - August 2016


Physical Audio releases public beta PA1 Dynamic Plate Reverb free effect for Mac   16th August 2016

Physical Audio has released a public beta of PA1 Dynamic Plate Reverb, a reverb effect for Mac that uses advanced physical modelling synthesis to recreate the sound of a plate reverb without any delay networks or impulse responses.

PA1 is an Audio Unit plug-in that uses a physical model of a plate reverb based on advanced Modal synthesis. The dynamic control of physical parameters gives unique and creative reverberation.

PA2 is a minimal ring modulator effect, based on Julian Parker's diode model and anti-aliasing5. The carrier is a sine wave, with an additional LFO to modulate its frequency. The smoothness parameter allows a range of sounds, from hard-edged to clean inharmonicity.

The public beta of PA1 Dynamic Plate Reverb is available for Mac (AU). It will not produce audio output after December 31st, 2016. Also available from Physical Audio is PA2: Little Ringer, a free ring modulator plugin.


Visit: physicalaudio.co.uk





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