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News - August 2016


Soundslates updates free Moody Sampler to v0.3               11th August 2016

Soundslates has updated the free Moody sampler plugin to version 0.3. This release includes fixes and new features.

New features:

- MIDI learn.
- Parameters routing to velocity.
- Mix parameter for built-in filter.
- Added automatic software updates.

Bug fixes and improvements:

- Fixed crash on Windows upon file import.
- Fixed issues with SoundCloud login.
- Fixed issue with list of favorites sounds (user now see only his entries).
- Improved built-in effects presets management.


Moody is a versatile and easy to use sample player, integrated to the Soundslates collaboration platform.

The plugin features the ability to interact with the cloud in order to upload and download datas such as instruments, presets files and various meta-datas.

The Moody sampler also offers community features, such as sharing instruments with contacts or the entire community.

Being connected to the Soundslates web server, the Moody sampler is able to restore the user's instruments library and meta datas when used on multiple workstation.


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