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News - June 2016


Tokyo Dawn Labs releases free TDR VOS SlickEQ version 2.2  17th June 2016

Tokyo Dawn Labs has released TDR VOS SlickEQ v2.2, free mixing/mastering equalizer designed for ease of use, musical flexibility and impeccable sound.


- Added support for stepped sliders and custom parameter steps
- Text input field below knobs can now be dragged like knobs
- Pressing BYPASS while holding Alt resets all parameters affecting gain back to unity
- Minor stability fixes

Three (and a half) filter-bands arranged in a classic Low/Mid/High semi-parametric layout offer fast and intuitive access to four distinct EQ modes, each representing a set of distinct EQ curves and behaviors. An elaborate auto gain option automatically compensates for changes of perceived loudness during EQ operation. Optionally, SlickEQ allows to exclusively process either the stereo sum or stereo difference (i.e. “stereo width”) without additional sum/difference encoding.

In order to warm up the material with additional harmonic content, SlickEQ offers a switchable EQ non-linearity and an output stage with 3 different saturation models. These options are meant to offer subtle and interesting textures, rather than obvious distortion. The effect is made to add the typical “mojo” often associated with classy audio gear.

An advanced 64bit multirate processing structure practically eliminates typical problems of digital EQ implementations such as frequency warping, quantization distortion and aliasing.

Beside the primary controls, the plug-in comes with an array of additional helpers: Advanced preset management, undo/redo, quick A/B comparison, copy & paste, an online help, editable labels, mouse-wheel support and much more.

System requirements Win XP SP2 or above, Mac OS X 10.6.8 or above.


Visit: tokyodawn.net/tdr-vos-slickeq 





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