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News - September 2017


aciddose releases Xhip Effects vR6f free VST effect      08th September 2017

aciddose has released "Xhip Effects" vR6f, free VST effect for Windows.

New features in this release:

- Effects now use chunks for preset data.

Anyone using the effects should upgrade and load/confirm/re-save any projects to ensure compatibility with future releases.

The compressor threshold parameter has changed very slightly for values very close to 100% but should otherwise not be noticed.

- Updated compressor and limiter with parameter readouts.

- Compressor threshold parameter is now more accurate.

The threshold parameter is actually inverted compression depth. It has been adjusted to correspond to the gain reduction given zero attack and a 0 dB input. Due to the non-linear response however the display of this parameter in decibels is not otherwise accurate and is only a reasonable approximation. For each halving of input amplitude (-6.02 dB) the compression depth is likewise halved.

- New RC Filter effect with low-pass and high-pass modes.

This is a general-purpose filter most useful as a quick high-pass or low-pass. It performs the same as a single RC filter circuit (resistor and capacitor) which is the most common filter in analog devices and can be used to model its effects in software. Such a filter is typically present as part of any input or output.

For example an analog channel strip will have a high-pass at ~5 Hz as part of the input followed by a gain stage with a low-pass at ~25 kHz. The output will also likely include an additional high-pass at ~5 Hz or less (1/2 Hz is very common) for a total of 12 dB/o high-pass and 6 dB/o low-pass.

- This is only a minor release in terms of new features.

These effect plugins were originally created for use with Xhip Synthesizer.

Xhip was originally designed with the intention to include embedded effects (1999). The tracker and stand alone version of the synthesizer included send levels for effects and parameters for effect presets such as reverb type, tempo-synced delay time and chorus/flanger/phaser. It was later decided that external plug-ins would prove more versatile and easier to manage when used for other tasks (2004-2005).


Visit: xhip.net/effects





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