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News - January 2017


Airwindows releases Desk, TubeDesk and TransDesk Plug-ins for Mac & Win   26th January 2017

Airwindows has released another slew of free plug-ins for Mac (AU) and Windows (VST).

- Desk - Classic Airwindows subtle analog modeling.
- TubeDesk - A tube recording console type tone coloring.
- TransDesk - More of a transistory, rock desk tone coloring.

Desk takes the original 'Desk' plugins to a new level. Unique modes of analog overload give the ultimate dial-a-warm. The ultimate Airwindows saturation yet, and 96K ready.


Desk3 works really well as two things- as a 'generic analog console sound' with a really slick fat overdrive that can run 96K where BussColors can't, and as a 'internal mixer stage'. If you wanted to take BussColors (which already imitates a large format analog console exactly) and say, now let us model the wiring harness or longer mic cables or lower the power to the whole console, Desk3 is capable of making those kinds of adjustments, either on the 2-buss or on individual channels or busses (including busses you weren't including BussColors instances on).


Visit: airwindows.com/desk-vst





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