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News - April 2017


AmpTrack Technologies launches Amped Studio free Hybrid DAW  07th April 2017

Amptrack Technologies has announced the release of Amped Studio, a hybrid Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) offering an online music creation platform that works both in the cloud and natively.

The combination of instant access to a web-based music studio stocked with instruments and effects, plus an integrated sound library along with the native power, stability, and compatibility with industry standard VSTs make Amped Studio totally unique, say Amptrack Technologies.

Amped Studio allows users to shift away from having to use one single computer, freeing them to work where or how they choose. Now with access to their studio anywhere, users can seamlessly move between native and web versions.Tracks can be synched to the cloud and shared with the world, offering musicians, students and producers more possibilities to work and collaborate than ever.

Amped studio offers two different account types - free and premium. Free is exactly what it says, free and does not require a credit card.


Visit: Amped Atudio





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