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News - September 2017


Bernie Maier updates free Fifth Degree MIDI Sequencer for iOS to v1.1.0   04th September 2017

Bernie Maier has updated Fifth Degree, free MIDI Sequencer app for iOS to v1.1.0.

- This update features a user request: the ability to play all twelve notes in the circle of fifths, in addition to the modes that play the seven in-key notes of a scale. It also features a revamped settings view and fixes a drawing bug.

From a few simple elements complexity can arise. Fifth Degree is a MIDI sequencer based on a simple concept: loop around the musical circle of fifths in key and tweak the performance parameters live. You can use it to create a mesmerising loop and change the way it plays or use it as a base while you improvise alongside it with another instrument. You can even use it as a convenient loop of notes while you try out different sound patches on your synthesiser.

Fifth Degree is a MIDI sequencer app supporting any CoreMIDI output: virtual MIDI, MIDI over Wi-Fi and CoreMIDI compatible hardware interfaces. Since it is a sequencer it does not generate sounds on its own, so use it with your favourite CoreMIDI-compatible sound generation app or hardware.


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