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News - October 2017


Bigcat Instruments releases free Sketching Chamber Orchestra for Kontakt  29th October 2017  29th October 2017

Bigcat Instruments has released Sketching Chamber Orchestra, free instrument for Kontakt.

The Sketching Chamber Orchestra features two dozen instruments from the VSCO2 Community Edition in only 1.25 gigs using Kontakt's lossless compression.

The instruments feature Convolution Reverb with 25 presets and 3 twiddly knobs, Full Envelope Control, 3 Band Equalization, Scripted Legato for Strings, Brass & Woodwinds, Faux Round Robins for sustains, optional loud and soft articulations for many sustains, 2 Round Robins for most shorts, cool scripting to show which articulation is in use (that took some work!) along with scripted Modwheel Crossfading and Ensemble patches for many instruments. There are also experimental patches for chords and programmable arpeggios.

Samples created by Versilian Studios Samuel A. Gossner along with Simon Dalzell & Samuel Hébert. Please consider purchasing the Professional Edition. I did and then I bought it.

Please follow the link above for a complete list of musicians and technicians.


Visit: sketching-chamber-orchestra





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