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News - May 2017


Boyss-Sound-e-Scapes releases free CGC Shaker for Kontakt 27th May 2017

Boyss-Sound-e-Scapes has released CGC Shaker (free for email subscribers), experimental percussion sounding similar to shaker for NI Kontakt.

CGC Shaker is experimental percussion sounding similar to shaker. It's made out of recordings of Camping Gas Cartridges (CGC) filled with sand (and small rocks). It's not that very predictive when in use, making similar but always different sound so we used many round robins to emulate that un-predictivity.

There are instruments of 4 types of shakers: Shaker 1 and Shaker 2: from 2 different cartridges and filled with 2 different types of sand (in the shaker 2 is more finer sand). Shaker 1 & 2 are as the name suggests, moving both at the same time. Shaker 3 is the most experimental sounding one, its the only one that was made of an empty plastic bottle filled with lots of small rocks and a little of sand..


Price is symbolic, while you can still go through payment process if you want to donate, it's free for email subscribers.


Visit: cgc-shaker





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