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News - October 2017


Dustyroom releases fake acoustic drum free               08th October 2017

Dustyroom has released Fake Acoustic Drum Kit, free sample pack featuring a collection of over 500 pseudo-acoustic drum one-shot sounds.

We wanted new drum sounds for our own projects. They turned out more interesting than we expected. So we decided to share them with you. Please meet Fake Acoustic Drum Kit, conventional to you, unusual for FM. Fake Acoustic Drum Kit is the pack of pseudo-acoustic drum one-shot sounds made completely in NI FM8 synth. In a single pack you get more than 500 original high quality quasi-convincing drum sounds, meticulously recorded and sorted by instruments. For free.

There are folders with too many samples, some of the sounds are similar across folders — this is because no two hits sound the same, you may want to use subtly different sounds to achieve more realism (sounds ironic).

In the zip you can find kicks, snares, rimshots, hats, rides, toms, shakers, other perc instruments. And there is a bonus folder with Weird samples. They are unsorted wavs of unrealistic-sounding one-shots gathered during the development of the pack.

We’ve added sampler instruments for Ableton Live’s Drum Kit, NI Maschine (group), NI Kontakt, Logic’s EXS. For these samplers we’ve shortlisted our subjective top hits from all of the 500+ samples collection.

We are not saying you can now get rid of your drummer or real drum sample libraries. The samples are not 100% sounding like real instruments. They can rather be reviewed as a purposeful experimental exploration of FM synthesis.


Visit: fake-acoustic-drum-kit





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