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News - February 2017


Dynamic Tonality updates free XronoMorph loop generator to v1.5.0  03rd February 2017

Dynamic Tonality has released XronoMorph v1.5.0 loop generator app for Windows and Mac.

Changes in XronoMorph v1.5.0

- Performance enhancements.
- Numerous user interface enhancements. For example, tempo can now be changed by speed (revolutions per minute) or duration (length of revolution/period); the long/short beat ratio can be displayed for every well-formed level; balanced polygons can be rotated in pulse units (in addition to degrees, radians, or turns).
- There is no longer any requirement for Java to be installed.
- Polygon channels can now pass through MIDI tracks unchanged (by selecting the “–” option in the MIDI track channel menu). This is useful when sending MIDI to multitimbral synths.
- 18 new perfectly balanced but irregular polygons—all possible primitive minimals found in 42 equal divisions of the period. These are great for creating complex polyrhythms mixing 3s, 4s, 6s, and 7s.
- In addition to the golden (φ) ratios, silver (δ) and bronze (σ) ratios are now available in well-formed mode. These “special” ratios produce deeply non-isochronous rhythms where the beat size ratios of successive levels periodically repeat.
- MIDI options available in the interface to allow MIDI ports to be disabled.
- MIDI learn (this feature is still in beta and not yet hooked up to the preset system—that will come).
- Audio, MIDI, and Scala file save now work correctly on all platforms.
- Startup time is much improved.
- Switching to PB mode sometimes results in incorrect tempo, now fixed.


XronoMorph is a free OS X and Windows app for creating multilayered rhythmic and melodic loops (hockets). Each rhythmic layer is visualized as a polygon inscribed in a circle, and each polygon can be constructed according to two different mathematical principles: perfect balance and well-formedness (aka MOS). These principles generalize polyrhythms, additive, and Euclidean rhythms. Furthermore, rhythms can be smoothly morphed between, and irrational rhythms with no regular pulse can also be easily constructed.


Visit: dynamictonality.com/xronomorph





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