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News - November 2017


Fragment updates Fragment Granular free Spectral synth to v1.0.2  21st November 2017

FSynth/Fragment has updated free Fragment synthesizer to version 1.0.2 which include Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression (MPE) instruments support and improved sound engine resulting in improved audio.

New in Fragment v1.0.2:

- MIDI MPE support, Fragment expose aftertouch, CC74 and pitch bend data along with key release velocity, the MIDI code was also improved/optimized
- improved granular synthesis, many issues related to grains playback were resolved resulting in improved playback.
- improved samples loading/playback, a fade in/out is applied to all loaded samples + samplerate conversion.
- many optimization and code cleanup/improvement were also done.
- In-app quickstart guide & MOTD, sample program is less cluttered with comments.
- more snippets added such as polar/cartesian conversion, pi, simple filter etc.
- improved look & feel of the windows launcher.
- action snippets: "remove comments" and "remove spaces".
- added a support tab.
- fix issue with images download on Chrome and related browser.
- fix issue with batch import.
- fix issue with samples reload.
- fix issue with wavetable method on Firefox.
- fix issue with channels settings saving.
- homepage update.
- documentation update.


Fragment is a collaborative cross-platform audiovisual live coding environment with pixels based real-time image-synth approach to sound synthesis, the sound synthesis is powered by pixels data produced on the graphics card by live GLSL code, everything is based on pixels!

Fragment is able to produce high-quality fast additive and granular synthesis simultaneously with re-synthesis support, it has many features making it a bliss to produce any kind of sounds or visuals and is aimed at artists seeking a creative environment with few limitations to experiment with, a programmable noise-of-all-kinds software, a fully featured visual / sound design tool.


Visit: fsynth.com  





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