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News - November 2017


Free drum synthesizer for free VCV Rack modular synth    05th November 2017

Leonardo Laguna Ruiz has released Trummor 2, free drum synthesizer  for free VCV Rack modular synth.

Trummor 2 is the evolution of Trummor that was designed with the idea of expanding the sonic capabilities of Trummor.

It was designed based on the input of many members of the VCV Rack community specially Alejandro Galán Álvaro who participated in most of the stages. Trummor 2 is, in his words:

“a powerhouse of drum sounds. FM drums, metalic claps, analog-style kicks, all sorts of resonated karplus-strong style strings, blips and blops. A do-it-all module”

For Trummor 2 I tested a dozen of different ideas trying to find something that produced an interesting sound and fit the personality of the module. At the end the implementation is very close to the concept of “analog-ish” where I try to avoid things that cannot be done in real analog (except maybe for Rescomb which is more digital).


Trummor 2 integrates better with VCV Rack making modulation easier and now includes a virtual OLED screen.


Visit: trummor2





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