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News - May 2017


GyL Synths releases Baze-2 free VST rhythm/melody machine   17th May 2017

GyL Synths has released Baze-2, free VST rhythm/melody machine for Windows.

Can be used as a simple groovebox or drum machine - base sounds, as the name suggests.


Main features:

- noise oscillator with white, pink and brown noises and lowpass / highpass filter
- common decay envelope for the filter and amp
- 2 multi oscillators with sine, saw and pulse waveforms (manual pulse width control)
- +/- 4 octaves (-48…48 semis) tuning range
- decay envelopes for pitch mod and amps
- all envelopes have exponential-like curved shape
- dual-sequential step sequencer with 2 octaves vertical piano-board layout
- SEQ-1 can drive SEQ-2 ; 1...16 steps, 1/32...8 bars speed with rotating knobs
- FM modulation Osc1 >>> Osc2 ; ring modulation Osc1 * Osc2
- output wave window
- Play button for automatic, continuous sequence playing - holds the latest pressed note, can be changed the base note during the playing (switch it ON after the sequencers and switch OFF before them)
- tweak the knobs during the automatic playing
- it can be used without sequencers as well
- synched ping-pong delay (1/32...8 bars), reverb, chorus and distortion
- 48 presets in a window for direct access
- global random and reset functions for the synth knobs, double-click for default value
- MIDI learn and forget for the synth knobs by right-click + rotate the wished controller
- 25 demo presets by GyL - create your own patterns and melodies which fit your music style

Download it in GyL Synths Group on Facebook.


Visit: GyL Synths Group





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