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News - September 2017


GyL Synths releases Pluto free VST wavetable synth    25th September 2017

GyL Synths has released Pluto, free VST wavetable synth for Windows.

Main features:

- 2 wavetable oscs with 64 waveforms and independent unison detune
- 3…+3 octaves transpose for the left osc ; the right osc is detunable by -36…+36 semitones
- the left-right osc balance adjustable by the Mix knob, by the Filter/Mod envelope or by the LFO
- the left osc can FM modulate the right one – adjustable manually or by the LFO- multi-mode filter
- feedbacked filter pad - find quickly a good setting with the dot and fine-tune it with the knobs
- Formant filter pad from WaveFlex
- multi-destination LFO, syncable to host tempo
- 2 syncable ADSR envelopes (drag one knob and the other follows in sync mode ; if they were on different values, the filter env's knob jumps to the amp's value)
- adjustable mod- and pitchwheel functions
- matrix-arpeggiator from Primo/Saturn; -3…+3 octaves ; 1...8 steps, 1/32...8 bars speed with knobs
- Hold button for automatic, continuous sequence playing or sound design - holds the latest pressed note, can be changed the base note during the playing (switch it ON after the arpeggiator and switch OFF before that)
- inbuilt delay (echo or ping-pong), chorus, reverb
- output wave window
- double-click-to-default knobs with global random and reset
- easy to understand and use interface


16 patches from GyL, 2x32 from Kujashi and 32 from InzodGames IndieDev


Available via the GyL Synths Facebook group.


Visit: GyL Synths Group  





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