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News - November 2017


Infected Sounds releases Disco Polo free VST synth    25th November 2017

Infected Sounds has released Disco Polo, free VST synth plugin for Windows.

Disco Polo is the newest freeware analog synth-plugin by the swedish developers Infected Sound. It’s a very powerful synthesizer made for all kind of music styles, but most for disco music as it says “Disco Polo”. This synth was made for some typical kind of sounds to genre the most powerful sounds. We are proud to release this final product. Disco polo can make fat basslines such as leads, plucks and many more.

- 1 x Preset manager with 96 presets
- 2 x Morph Oscillators with octave, semi, fine and 16 shapes for each oscillator.
- 1 x Drive for first oscillator
- 1 x PWM for each oscillator
- 2 x FM Modulations
- 1 x Ring Modulation
- 2 x Mod Envelopes
- 1 x Amp Envelope
- 2 x LFOs with depth speed phase sync, also 16 shapes + 3 slopes and 3 seqs
- 1 x Overdrive
- 1 x Noise with white and pink mode
- 1 x Portamento with legato and slide mode
- 1 x Main Tune
- 1 x Velocity
- 1 x Fatner
- 1 x Routing Matrix
- 2 x Filters with cutoff, reso, key and 2 pole, 4 pole with LP, HP, BP, BYP
- 2 x Filter output options


Download Disco Polo here or here! 2.20 mb


Visit: kvraudio.com/forum  





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