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News - March 2017


Isotonik releases free Crystal Goblets for Ableton & Eugene for Kontakt 13th March 2017

Flintpope has released Crystal Goblets & Eugene, a free instrument pack for Ableton Live and Native Instruments Kontakt, in collaboration with Animus Invidious of PerforModule.

“I was living in Eugene, Oregon, USA, in 2005. I borrowed a set of crystal wine goblets of various sizes from the musician “Disharmony of the Spheres” (which she would play in her live setup with a violin bow). Each of them I filled with water and tuned, recording every chromatic note possible with each goblet, in the top floor of an old wooden house. The samples have an eerie quality, with each particular goblet having its own character, sometimes with a rubbing or squeaking sound also emerging which adds to the creepy atmosphere.

The Ableton Instrument  includes every one of the samples pitched to be able to play with any MIDI instrument in-key, perfect for ambient soundscapes. It’s divided into five main groupings of notes to select between, so is basically 5 full instruments in one.

I hit up Nick to see if he wanted to collaborate on an instrument, and these samples which i had not released publicly yet seemed like a great option.”

The download includes both Simpler & Sampler varieties of the Live Instrument, making it available to Live Suite and Live Standard users….

Eugene for Kontakt offers 7 variations on the samples.

A quick resume of the Eugene Kontakt variations included here.

1. Eugene Bleep utilises the Beat Machine setting of Kontakt to get a repetitive repeat.
2. Eugene LoFi has a Tone Machine setting and no FX to get that fuzzy, grainy feel of an old synth.
3. Eugene Museum has a slow attack, long release, long reverb and a chorus FX to give a haunted, lonely sound.
4. Eugene Rhythmic has an LFO generated glitch/repeat
5. Eugene Synth is a permanently arpeggiating organ.
6. ugene Waters has a lot of everything on it and has that cave feeling.
7. Eugene shows off some of the richness of the samples in conjunction with all of the FX.

The instrument pack is available for download from Isotonik Studios for free.


Visit: crystal-goblets-eugene





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