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News - February 2017


LVC-Audio releases T-Chain 1.1.0 free channel strip plugin 10th February 2017

LVC-Audio has released T-Chain v1.1.0, free channel strip effect plugin for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX).

New in v1.1.0

- ADDED: new FETPress compressor module
- ADDED: new OptoPress compressor module
- ADDED: new Dyno HLP dynamic high/low pass module
- ADDED: new free Phuzz saturation module
- ADDED: new free Digital HLP high/low pass module
- ADDED: link on unregistered module setting pages to purchase pages
- ADDED: holding mouse button on routing scroll arrows will continuously scroll
- ADDED: Browser scroll height adjustment in global settings (saved setting to separate XML file)
- FIXED: in gain resetting on certain preamp modules
- FIXED: incorrect latency reporting with oversampling
- FIXED: sticky buttons when clicking "LOAD" or "SAVE" for presets and layout is changed
- FIXED/IMPROVED: some of the graphic images for the modules
- FIXED/IMPROVED: optimized code in analog modeling (throughout many modules) that was causing high CPU, especially with high samplerates or oversampling
- IMPROVED: better clipboard handling with registration
- IMPROVED: more natural control shape of VIBE control on Lithium EQ, and wider saturation range
- IMPROVED: Show Demo Modules setting in global settings is saved to separate XML file
- IMPROVED: In Gain, Mix, and Out Gain in routing window do not jump when adjusting another control and mouse hits control
- IMPROVED: Rotary selector switches handle mouse clicks and drags more naturally
- IMPROVED: Module setting window to handle more settings than registration (i.e., internal settings for FETPress and OptoPress)

T-Chain is a channel strip plugin like no other. It utilizes a modular design so users can arrange different sound modules within the signal path. It can be as simple as using a single EQ or Compressor module, or as complex as you can imagine. Each module can be rearranged, added, and deleted by drag-and-drop - making it easy to rearrange your signal chain at-will.


Visit: lvcaudio.com/plugins/tchain





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