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News - February 2017


Nuclear LITE VSTi AU now available as free download  09th February 2017

Music Weapons has released Nuclear LITE, free instrument plugin offering an arsenal of beat making bombs in professional production quality.

Due to the overwhelming interest in our newest product “Nuclear VSTi AU” we have decided to release a completely FREE fully functional LITE version. This enables you to see the true quality of the sounds in nuclear vsti au sound patch library. As mentioned before there are no time limits are removal of features. This version is simply a very small sample of the patches within nuclear. It is only a touch more than 5% of the full standard library that weighs in at 80GB. Now you can see for yourself why people are saying it is the best product of its kind. If you decide to purchase the FULL VERSION all of your projects using the LITE VERSION will load up perfect.

Nuclear offers a mixture of superior sounds, from brass, strings, piano, drum and guitar, and only offers useable and timeless patches. No fillers, preservatives or contamination, just essential and organic tonality. The 80 GB sound library has an extensive but rich caliber range, and offers expansion options, around the clock support, patch library, physical or cloud download, all while maintaining a low CPU use.

Download Nuclear Lite now and see for yourself.


Visit: nuclear-lite-vsti-au





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