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News - February 2017


Orchestra virtual instrument VSCO2 Rompler by Bigcat Instruments    16th February 2017

Orchestra virtual instrument VSCO2 Rompler released by Bigcat Instruments.

After a couple months of picking individual piano keys, trying not to put the wrong round robin sample in the right place or visa versa and other fun tasks, VSCO2 Rompler Version 2 is out. Well as I type this the Win versions are available for download and the Mac versions are slowly uploading. DSL upload speeds oh my....

Thanks to Sam and Simon for the samples and artwork, things look and sound better this time round. There are 2000+ samples, 25 instruments and 88 articulations (sort of) covering most of a chamber orchestra. It is intended to be a smaller and more intimate orchestra so we aren't talking 100 instruments going from ff to ffff here. A lot of solo instruments and some small sections. It is also dry so add in reverb.

The short articulations have round robins now and there is a new trombone and lightly sampled piccolo and extra upright piano. Sam gave me some good advice on everything from the GUI to the release times, some of which I took. Any flaws are certainly my own.


VSCO2 Rompler is free download and it's available for PC (32 and 64bit systems) and Mac users.


Visit: vsco2-rompler





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