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News - July 2017


Radium audio releases Shadow Oscillations free sound pack    13th July 2017

Radium audio has released Shadow Oscillations, free sound pack created by sonic explorers Radium Audio and featuring Facebook guest Richard Libor.

Shadow Oscillations is a creative sound collection we made for our sonic community, recorded in Radium’s 6second reverb chamber and designed to slot straight into both commercial and non paid music and sound design projects. We recorded, edited, designed and mastered the sounds specifically to bring a dark metallic sub colour to your personal sound library. Just for the record, we bear no latent hostility toward metal objects, we just wanted to get some edgy and interesting new sounds! Big props to our special guest for the day Richard Libor who assisted in the recording sessions and contributed some sounds to this collection – it was Richard’s first sound creation & design experience in a professional environment, and we think he did great!

Shadow Oscillations Tones Timbres Flavours

Dark Abyss, Shuddering Resonance, Hard Hitting Dissonance, Sub Shaking, Earth Moving, Tremoring, Metallic Vibration, Infrasonic Subliminal, Tensile Stress, Tormented Metal, Twisting,Distorting,Contorting, Sub Waveform Manipulation, Seismic Shifts, Hits, Impacts, Abstract Tensile Sounds, Tales from and for a Darker Palette…


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