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News - June 2017


Wave Arts releases free Tube Saturator Vintage plug-in for Mac & Win  06th June 2017

Wave Arts has released Tube Saturator Vintage, a free reissue of the original Tube Saturator.

Tube Saturator Vintage is a free reissue of the original Tube Saturator. It uses circuit simulation technology to faithfully reproduce the sound of a dual triode preamp. While it sounds great, the circuit simulation technology is very CPU intensive, that’s why we developed its successor, Tube Saturator 2. Tube Saturator 2 is vastly more efficient, nearly identical in simulation accuracy, and adds other features. However, some users prefer the sound of the original and request it, hence we have released it as a free plug.

Use Tube Saturator to add a bit of analog warmth to recordings, or increase the drive for some distortion. You can use it as a saturating peak limiter too.

Requires a host program that supports audio plug-ins.

- Macintosh – AU, VST2, VST3, AAX
  OS X 10.7-10.12
  AAX – Pro Tools 10.3.5 and higher Windows – VST2, VST3, AAX

- Windows 7/8/10 AAX – Pro Tools 10.3.5 and higher


Visit: tube-saturator-vintage





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