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News - March 2018


Free single cycle waveform generator editor               08th March 2018

An editor/generator for single cycle waveforms for hardware, software and samplers.

You can use this editor to create waveforms through warping, distortion, wavemixing and waveskewing. Explore the menus to see the editing, rendering and sample formatting options available.


Important Notes:

Before you use the Single Cycle Waveform editor, please review the following details. By using the software, you explicitly agree to these points:

- The software is only being tested and supported on the Chrome browser. We hope to support other browsers in the near future.
- Waveforms that you create are stored on the server and may be available to other users at some point in the future.
- Right now there is no cost to using the editor, and we won't be charging for use. However, we reserve the right (at some point) we to charge for content packs, machine-formatted sample packs or API access to the related libraries.
- This software is not warranteed for any use; it is provided as-is for the entertainment of the end user. If you choose to use this for professional work, you are responsible for self-support.
- If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop a line to Darwin Grosse (darwin dot grosse at gmail dot com).


Visit: scw.sheetsofsound.com





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