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News - October 2018


Audacity updated to v2.3.0 free open source multi-track recording 02nd October 2018

Audacity, the free, open source, cross-platform audio software for multi-track recording and editing, has been updated to 2.3.0 featuring many new features, and over 90 bugs fixed (since 2.2.2).

New in Audacity 2.3.0:

- New feature – "Punch and Roll Recording".
- Pinned-play-head can now be repositioned by dragging.
- Play-at-speed now can be adjusted whilst playing.
- Toolbars controlling volume and speed can now be resized for greater precision.
- Macros (formerly 'Chains') substantially extended
- New Macro palette.
- Macros can be bound to keyboard keys.
- New commands
- New 'Tools' menu.
- New 'Scriptables' commands.
- Nyquist gains AUD-DO command.
- Nyquist effects are now translatable and translated.
- More dialogs have help buttons now.
- Increased legibility of trackname display.
- Half-wave option for collapsed tracks.
- Sliding Stretch.
- Dialog (option) for entering labels.

See: 2.3.0 New Features for longer descriptions and links on how to use the new features.

Bug Fixes

Over 90 bugs that were in 2.2.2 fixed, including:

- Windows: Queen Mary 1.7.1 Vamp plug-ins crash Audacity on opening Plug-in Manager – bug #1244.
- Inconsistent behavior when recording with a selection defined – bug #1839.
- Ctrl + M does not open label for editing – bug #1852.
- Vertical Zoom in by clicking in the vertical Scale, or context menu, in waveform views is inconsistent – bug #1810.
- Deletion of all tracks cannot be undone – bug #1845.
- Timer Record with a selection present can get a truncated recording with data loss – bug #1851.
- Duplicate shortcuts can be created – bug #1786.
- Labels longer than 260 characters are now supported – bug #1905.
- Using Spectrogram Settings in TCP or using Preferences causes Audacity to reset Project Rate to default rate in Quality Preferences – bug #1977.
- Cut Preview should play all selected/sync-locked tracks, respecting Mute/Solo during preview – bug #231.

Audacity is a free wave (audio) editor.


Visit: audacityteam.org





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