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News - October 2018


Devil Soundz updates free Devil Reverb to v1.7.2  23rd October 2018

Devil Soundz has updated Devil Reverb to v1.7.2. This release fixes a couple of minor issues and adds better harmonics to Devil Reverb.

New in v1.7.2:

- Fixed: Made a minor change to the volume mix of the reverb.
- Made the reverb have better harmonics.
- Fixed: stereo left and right offset. Now the left and right stereo channels are the same volume for whatever starting reverb frequency you choose.

Devil Reverb is an amazing sounding reverb for adding that extra melody and warmth to your track. Devil Reverb is relatively straight forward and simple to use. You have your reverb knob for adding reverb, your width knob for adding stereo width to your reverb, your low frequency knob for adjusting the low end frequency of your reverb, your high frequency knob for adjusting the high end of your reverb (which together set up the frequency range of the reverb), your base frequency knob for adjusting the base frequency of your reverb, and your frequecy q knob for adjusting the frequency q of your reverb and a reverb frequency selector for selecting the starting frequency of the reverb.


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