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News - September 2018


forward audio forward audio updates free beta Phase Alignment plugin faSampleDelay  07th September 2018

forward audio has updated faSampleDelay to version 0.96.0 Beta. Please note that projects saved with older versions can't be loaded with the new version.

Version 0.96.000 contains the following changes:

- Attention: old projects won't load the setting with this version.
- Added: polarity inversion button.
- Added: standard scaling setting on systempage.
- Added: changed UI to match faTimeAlign.
- Fixed: SR-Link may not work under come circumstances.
- Fixed (VST3): noise during processing on some DAWs (e.g. Cubase).
- Minor DSP & UI improvements (for example rendering with more FPS).

faSampleDelay will be your new favourite sample delay Plugin with an unrivaled intuitive GUI. You need a versatile and reliable tool for small phase alignment tasks in your guitar or drum recording? This is the ultimate choice.

But the best is yet to come: This Plugin is completely free! All you need to do is to register via your name and email and we will send you the download links and a license file via mail.


Visit: forward-audio.de/sampledelay





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