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News - February 2018


Free updated auxiliary percussion & cardboard tube drum for SFZ 04th February 2018

Michael Picher has released updated versions of two free sample libraries in SFZ format, featuring re-exported 48 kHz/24-bit samples for a less compressed sound.

Auxiliary Percussion

Looking to expand your percussion section with a few extra odds and ends? This collection

includes 5 woodblocks, claves/sticks, 3 triangles, 2 tambourines, and 2 shakers. Full List of Sounds


     - Up to 4x round robin
     - Natural releases (including the ability to dampen the triangles)
     - Looped triangle rings, as wells as tambourine and shaker shakes

Tech Specs:

     - SFZ Format
     - 48 kHz/24-bit, Mono

     - 22.9 MB on Disk

Cardboard Tube Drum

Inspired by the creative PVC percussion instruments used by the Blue Man group, I created this simple drum from a balloon and three cardboard poster tubes. The first two are taped together, while third tube, which is slightly thinner, slides in and out, producing different pitches.


This drum was sampled at different velocities, allowing a smooth transition from soft to loud. I also made sure record/program "round robin". To make playing easier, I mapped two groups of the same samples on the keyboard, so you can use both hands to make drumming more natural.

Both libraries are available as a free download for Plogue’s free Sforzando plugin for Mac or Windows.


Visit: michaelpichermusic.com





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