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News - March 2018


GyL Synths releases Angel free VST wavetable/wave-draw synth   18th March 2018

GyL Synths has released Angel free VST wavetable/wave-draw synthesizer plugin for Windows.

Main features:

- 1 multimode wavetable oscillator + sub and noise
- main oscillators with 3 modes: random wave generating, wavedraw and single cycle wave loader (.txt or .wav) oscillators
- every wave can be modified / redrawn by hand and can be saved with selectable sample quantity (128…2048 samples)
- unison detune, wave saturation
- in-built FM generator with sine wave modulator(s), fixed ratios and level adjustment
– mod envelope or LFO modulation
– works in unison mode too - white/pink/brown noise osc
- de-tunable sub osc, -1 or -2 octaves from the main osc, 5 wave types or the main osc’s wave can be used too
- main osc detunable by -5…+5 octaves – the lower settings for drum sounds or high harmonic waves
- 21 filter types - LP…, TB 303, formant… , 8th order Butterworth
- feedbacked X-Y pad to filter’s knobs
- 2 syncable free running LFO, 8 bars…1/64 bar with d and t times - MonoP button switches the amplitude between -1..+1 and 0..+1 (Mono Pole), 6 wave types
- 3 envelope – A, D/R, S for Amp – A, D/R for Filter and modulations with adjustable levels
- polyphony: 1..8 voices
- matrix Arpeggiator with octave steps
- Hold button (last pressed key/note) to continuous sounds, arpeggiator latch or easier sound design – base sound can be changed by pressing another key
- synch ping-pong delay, reverb, chorus/flanger and distortion
- adjustable velocity to Volume, panorama by LFO, fix value to aftertouch (Filter cutoff)
- output wave display
- Random-Reset for knobs - Reset for initial preset
- knobs with MIDI forget/learn - cc values can be saved to presets
- double clicking sets the knobs or the wave to default value
- 16 demo patches by GyL – a full bank by Kujashi


Downloadable in GyL Synths Group on Facebook.


Visit: GyL Synths Group 





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